Not the usual road rage

So, I was riding home, stuck in traffic on when I hear the driver of a bus in the lane next to me start shouting something out his window at me. Being accustomed to Brisbane drivers, I was ready to tell him to go fuck himself, till i heard him say something about Supermoto racing.

Turns out, there’s a supermoto event down at stanthorpe, and seeing the supermoto I was riding he thought he’d do a bit of spruking! Quite awesome really, and I’ll definitely be going. Supermoto racing (or motorcycle racing in general) is one of those things that seems hard to find out about. I’m always keen to go spectate (and participate, if I had the time/money!) but it just seems to hard to find info about when events are being held. Good thing there are friendly supermoto-racing bus drivers out there!

Here’s the details:

12th & 13th March
Qld SuperMoto Championship Round 1
Carnell Raceway Stanthorpe
(Promoted by Motorcycle Sportsmen of Qld)