Gratuitious dog photo

So, i’m testing out wordmobi. What better way to do it than with a cute dog photo. Here is ginger stuck on a branch at dad’s place. We nearly had to get a tow truck in.
Ok, turns out there were isdues uploaing that particular photo. So here are some alternate photos of harry.
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giving dogs tablets – best trick ever!

I learnt this trick from a vet nurse after ginger yet again decided to get into a losing fight with an inanimate object. Anyway, on account of her having exposed bone in her mouth, she’s got to take a whole lot of anti-biotics, which is not something she likes doing.

The trick is to get the tablets and insert them into a little ball of smooth peanut butter. Supposedly it has to be smooth, otherwise they’ll notice the chunks, and rather than just swallowing, they’ll pick through it and notice the tablets.

In any case, works an absolute treat. She loves the peanut butter so snaffles it down, without even noticing the tablet.

Best trick ever!

Harry joins the Cole family!

I planned a special suprise day trip for Lisa for her birthday. This involved getting up (relatively) early on saturday morning. Lisa had no idea. Her best guess was a trip to a zoo.

We drove down to the Animal Welfare League of Queensland on the Gold Coast, after i’d read about Harry (aka “Honey”) on their website. Lisa was somewhat surprised and in shock when we arrived.

We met Harry (aka “Honey”) at about 8:30 when we arrived. Thankfully he hadn’t already been taken. This probably had something to do with the fact that he had a girls name. Poor guy.

After much playing, we decided that Harry was the dog for us! We did all the paperwork and vet stuff and headed home! Harry was very excited to be in the car, as was Lisa. We had to reinforce the rules of doggie-in-the-boot-not-on-the-back-seat several times

We stopped at Yatala on the way home for some allegedly famous Yatala Pies. Harry was very excited with all the meat smells. We went to a nearby park on a river to eat. We decided eating shifts were in order to keep him away from the food. He had a nice run around the park.

We also stopped in at the RSPC superstore at Slacks creek to get some dog food and treats. It’s a dog friendly store, which meant we got to take Harry in with us. He was so excited by all the smells! After we bought a 15kg bag of dog food, we realised that it might be somewhat challenging transporting Harry and food home at the same time. We hid it under something on the chair, which thankfully worked!

Harry’s all settled in at home now. We were far too busy playing with him to take anymore photos, so you’ll just have to use your imagination till next time I get the camera out!