Bush mechanic exhaust springs, or “high temp zipties”

I took off from my local bike shop on my SRX6 with a few people watching (probably the kick start…) so I gave it a handful and suddenly the exhaust got very loud (but boy did it sound good!). I pulled over and saw that the muffler/mid pipe had actually fallen off the headers. It seems that the muffler section is only press fit onto the headers, and held in place by two brackets, one of which had snapped. So the back pressure had literally blown the muffler off! I will probably take it to an exhaust shop and get them to weld on some spring hooks and another mount, but in the meantime, I bodgied up a fastening using hose clamps, or, as I will call them from now on, “high temp zipties”

I’ve also got another hose clamp securing the midpipe to the frame, but that’s not all that interesting or easy to photograph.