Smart roofing – not very smart at all

I recently tried to get a quote from Smart Roofing in Brisbane. They didn’t turn up, then proceeded to have a go at me when I told them that I wasn’t interested in their business. Here’s a review I posted to their Google Maps page – I’m posting it here again as the first post seems to have disappeared.

Although they responded to my web query in a timely manner, they failed to turn up to an arranged quote.

A week later, when Aaron (0402 714 326) called back, I explained to him that I’d already made a decision, and that in any case, if he couldn’t keep a simple appointment to make a quote (and hence waste my time away from work) then I wasn’t interested in their business anyway.

Do I get an apology? No, I get a condescending Aaron try and tell me that I must be “Mr Perfect” and have a go at me for not wanting his business.

No matter how good a service they might provide, it can’t be that much better or cheaper than everyone else that it is worth putting up with rude and unprofessional behaviour, on top of missed appointments.

So, no way in hell i’d ever do business with them with an attitude like that.

Australian weapons stupidity

A deadly weapon used by evil gangs, apparently

Australia, it seems, it heading down the shithole. Victoria is first in line, but the rest of the states are lining up behind her.

Take, for example, under Victoria’s new weapons legislation, a kubotan, is a prohibited weapon – that is, you need permission (page 16) from the chief of police to even own one. Don’t forget that the police have the power to randomly stop and search anyone for weapons, without probable cause. Even regular slingshots (page 11) or double bladed pen-knives (page 7). And don’t even think about those nasty, evil laser pointer cat toys – they’ve been banned for years. Oh, and if you’re under 18, no picnics for you, since even the sale of plastic knives is prohibited to those under 18. In Queensland, proposed changes to the weapons legislation would consider “discharging” a laser pointer in the same manner as discharging a firearm.

In concert, it seems, with these changes, customs have recently cracked down on knife imports. A number of sources indicate that customs are now confiscating any folding knife with a thumb stud, claiming they are “flick” knives.

While I am not a gun owner or advocate for the “right to bear arms”, this study by the Fraser institute seems pretty hard to argue with. I highly recommend reading it in full. The gist of it is that they compared per-capita violent crime rates in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. A reduction in gun violence means nothing if there is a corresponding increase in other types of violence – as the study says, “violence involving guns is not qualitatively worse than other violence: being bludgeoned to death is not less horrific than being shot to death.”. Their research actually showed that increasingly restrictive gun laws might actually increase the violent crime rate. I’m not sure that I quite agree with that last bit, but restricting access to weapons clearly does nothing to address the desire of some people to commit violent crime, nor the abilities of police to deter/prosecute said people. The fact that we’ve seen an increase in “glassing” shows that people will always find a way if they want to.

Family distraught after judge rules that two wrongs don’t make a right

From the Herald Sun:

THE family of a young driver who killed his mate before his mum was murdered by the victim’s grieving dad has described his appeal loss as “heartless”.
Chaplin, 22,  killed Leigh Charter, 20,  while drink-driving and at high speed.

A year later, Mr Charter’s father, Leigh snr, took revenge, murdering Chaplin’s mother Wendy, seriously wounding his father and stabbing his brother and cousin in a frenzied knife attack.

He then killed himself.

Chaplin had a blood alcohol level was 0.085 and was doing 126km/h in an 80km/h zone when he lost control on a bend as he fiddled with the radio.

So, let’s get this straight. First, he kills someone (who happens to be his best mate – so what, he still killed someone) while driving drunk and very dangerously. Then, a victim’s relative decides to take revenge and murders the driver’s mother then kills himself. Yep, that sucks and is wrong, but how does that mean he should get off any sort of punishment for killing someone while driving drunk and dangerously? It’s not like he got a ridiculously harsh penalty – 18 months in jail is not much, considering he’s killed someone.

I suppose when you have relative claiming that the death from the car crash “was just an accident”, what can you expect? I mean, he was so drunk it is obvious that it wasn’t his fault he decided to get in a car and be a fuckwit. I bet they also sympathise with rapists, who get the wrong end of the stick when the girls were clearly asking for it.

What the fuck is happening to this country?