Thanks Mr Policeman, I feel much safer now

So, riding my bicycle to work this morning, I had a bogan fuckwit yell abuse at me and try to run me off the road.

So what, you say? Happens all the time, get over it.

Well, yes, I am somewhat used to this sort of thing. What really got me this time, though, was that not 15 minutes later, at an intersection, there were two police units pulling cyclists up for failing to dismount before crossing via the pedestrian crossing.

What a great use of resources. A highway patrol car and a motorcycle, sitting there slapping cyclists over the wrists for cycling, instead of walking, across a signalled pedestrian crossing. Meanwhile bogan fuckwits are free to try and kill cyclists unworried by inconveniences like law enforcement.

Yet another example of the fucked up state of police powers and priorities.