Croudsourced weather forecasting idea

I often hear grumpy old farts complaining about the accuracy of weather forecasts, and it seems that (grumpy, old) people who have lived in an area for a while actually do have a fairly good idea of the weather in their area. I guess this is based on experience noting prevailing conditions and subsequent weather patterns. Of course, this knowledge isn’t going to do anything for predicting weather in a neighboring city, but for their own area, they could probably be considered an expert. Considering that the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) is making forecasts for large geographic areas, it isn’t surprising that they cannot match the accuracy of a local expert.

So, this got me thinking – a crowdsourced weather forecasting system. For a given region, users can predict the weather (rain/storm, hot/cold, humid, dry etc). Actual observations from the BoM and other recognised sources can be used to score the accuracy of predictions. Users can also rate the accuracy of predictions of other users. These ratings can be used to give confidence in future predictions.

I haven’t the time (or skill, really) to implement something like this – anyone want to have a go?