The Brisbane floods – A “Natural Inconvenience”

I’m going to start this off by stating that a) I am a Brisbane resident, and b) I’m a volunteer with the SES. I am NOT talking about the Toowoomba/Lockyer valley flooding – that is terrible and a disaster by most standards. While my house isn’t flood affected, I’ve seen houses go under, and spoken to a number of residents who were waiting for their houses to go under.

For the last few days, since the flood has affected Brisbane, there has been non-stop, round the clock news coverage on all the major news channels. It has also made international news, with relief funds set up in various countries.

While it is heartwarming to know that the world is behind us, really, it’s not that bad.

What is happening to Brisbane sucks, and thousands of people have lost everything. But no one in Brisbane has died or had any serious injuries so far, and quite frankly if anyone does, it will most likely because they are being dicks.

Property damage will no doubt cost billions, both in losses and consequential damages, but a lot of this cost could have been avoided. A lot of houses near the predicted peak were not evacuated until the last minute, leading to a lot more loss than was really necessary.

So really, get over it. Its not a disaster, it’s an inconvenience. There are many other worse natural disasters that, although they don’t get 24/7 media coverage, are actually much worse than what Brisbane has had to put up with.

Smart roofing – not very smart at all

I recently tried to get a quote from Smart Roofing in Brisbane. They didn’t turn up, then proceeded to have a go at me when I told them that I wasn’t interested in their business. Here’s a review I posted to their Google Maps page – I’m posting it here again as the first post seems to have disappeared.

Although they responded to my web query in a timely manner, they failed to turn up to an arranged quote.

A week later, when Aaron (0402 714 326) called back, I explained to him that I’d already made a decision, and that in any case, if he couldn’t keep a simple appointment to make a quote (and hence waste my time away from work) then I wasn’t interested in their business anyway.

Do I get an apology? No, I get a condescending Aaron try and tell me that I must be “Mr Perfect” and have a go at me for not wanting his business.

No matter how good a service they might provide, it can’t be that much better or cheaper than everyone else that it is worth putting up with rude and unprofessional behaviour, on top of missed appointments.

So, no way in hell i’d ever do business with them with an attitude like that.